Songs for Indian Medicine


A Novel By Mitch Battese


She clawed and scratched at the strong man until finally her finger caught the corner of his eye, and he shouted for her to stop fighting. The cigarette flew from his mouth and fell to the ground. The brittle straw ignited into flames, and in an instant the barn began to fill with smoke.

Then the young girl turned and grabbed the pitchfork from the wall and swung wildly around hoping to hit the man. Dawn stood with the pitchfork, her eyes trying to focus through the smoke-filled barn. Horses were running and dust was mixing with smoke.

“The old Indians were starting to die off. We had no where to turn. We all sang songs for Good Medicine to return – we all sang Songs for Indian Medicine.”

Songs for Indian Medicine, A Novel By Mitch Battese

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2 thoughts on “Songs for Indian Medicine

  1. Hi my son and I love your paintings, their poetry, their light, their harmony. I would like to know more about what you are doing now and which are available and on sale.
    Thank you!


    1. Thanks Nathalie, Right now I working hard on watercolors and getting ready for the 2019 season. My oil paintings are on hold as I remodle my studio. Unfortunatly, I dont sell online. I only sell at “Indian Art Markets” around the country. I travel a lot, but dont ​have any other way to get my art out there. Glad you found my work and bless you both. Mitch


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