At the end of the summer.

battese, mitch, potawatomi


Thick pasty oil paint on canvas will leave lots of texture.  This painting was inspired after a hike in the Black Hill of South Dakota in very late summer.  The early day was cool and some of the leaves were just beginning to turn.

Welcome to the Eagle Whistle website!

artist, battese, chickasaw, mitch, native american, oil painting, potawatomi
Oil on canvas

Oil on canvas is a website dedicated to education and promotion of Aboriginal North American fine arts paintings. All comments and questions should be addressed to

Where possible I use lower quality images so that the pictures will load more quickly, however, several individuals like more detailed images.  I generally do not sell paintings online.  I sell directly at various art shows throughout the country.  Please feel free to suggest art shows if you like.  Also, I have done a bit of custom paintings and you’ll just have to call or email me for more information.  Thanks, Mitch.